To “toast”, in the dictionary means – A call to a gathering of people to raise their glasses in honor of a person or thing. Generally associated with a tribute, salute, salutation, and/or pledge.

When we say, “Toast to Life” we are honoring the experiences that we’ve been blessed to be apart of. We are honoring the beautiful and brilliant people we meet and vibe with on this journey. We are honoring life itself.

We are also celebrating tributes to you, saluting your passions and growth, sending salutations as you head to school or pursue new opportunities, and pledging to support and show love to those around us.

We know life isn’t easy and that it isn’t always fair, but there are great moments along the way and amazing people in our lives that should be celebrated and certainly not taken for granted.

It’s invigorating once you realize the beauty and passion that lies in your friends, family, and in yourself. Be thankful for them, believe in your gifts and cherish the memories that you love.

Let’s create new memories. Let’s toast to the moments.