Bringing together professionals of different disciplines also serves a larger purpose. Statistically, now more than ever employers are seeking candidates with multi-disciplinary creative backgrounds. Toasted Life brings precisely those kinds of people together under one roof.
— Highsnobiety.com

Remixing social, creative, hip-hop, and tech spaces, the brand has amassed a diverse audience of influencers, innovators, and young professionals that reach across the Bay and beyond.
— Forbes.com

Toasted Life is a brand that delivers authenticity, energy, and diversity with the underlying thread of Hip hop culture
— TheSource.com

Simply put, the people showing up to their events are leaders in their respective fields that are looking to have a good time.
— SFGate.com

The Bay Area’s favorite lifestyle brand
— Blavity.com

Full of diversity and cross-market attendance, you can’t deny the care and effort that Matt and Warren put into producing their events.
— RehabOnlineMag.com