Spotlight: "Next Big Thing"

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Next Big Thing With Courtney & Dara

Q: So, we wanna know... What is "Next Big Thing" ?!

A: Well in short, we are the Oprah for the A.D.D. generation lmao!! Alright alright, to break it down, we are the tastemakers poised and well equipped to bring relevant and engaging content to our community. We invite our viewers to join in on candid conversation on trending current events and hot topics, with a special emphasis on highlighting up-and-coming artists and independent productions. Stay tuned!

Q: Tastemakers... Thats fresh. So who are you?

A: We are simply two educated black girls, Harvard and Howard respectively, with no political ties or corporate affiliations who can tell you like it is... We intend to help you understand what's going on in the world because as two millennials, we're trying to figure it out too! #NoShame


                                                           COURTNEY THOMAS

Q: Ok Ok we see you... so who is this show for? Describe your audience for us. 

A: Next Big Thing is for the Millennial who is trying to figure things out and looking for a fresh, educated take on "what is going on out there!?" This world is cray, and navigating it is even cray-ier(?). That's where we come in: we're here to help! We're hitting the important topics, getting to the points that matter, and introducing our audience to a variety of the most talented and excited upcoming artists out on the scene!

Q: What would you like to leave your viewers with?

A: The main thing we'd like to leave our audience with is the idea that: If you see a void in the world, your world, wherever you are, FILL IT YOURSELF. That's where NBT came from and will continue to evolve based on this mindset. Check us out!!