Growth: Anwar Bey-Taylor


Exploring the growth of ideas, aspirations, and the mentality toward success.


I AM...

I am a designer. I am a creator. I am a dreamer. I am a visionary

 I am a gentleman that treats people with respect. I share joy with whomever I come in contact with.

I am honest. I am bold. I am logical. I am fun.

Passion / Profession

Fortunately my passion is my profession. I am an entertainment designer that specializes in video game development. I am the Founder/Creative Director of Mind Traveler Design. Welcome to imagination creation!


Q: What is Mind Traveler Design? 

A: Mind Traveler Design is a contemporary design and development firm that specializes in entertainment development for video games and film. We focus on character development from story to visual fruition. We are effortlessly passionate about telling epic and engaging stories through writing and visually striking images. Mind Traveler Design is imagination, designed! 

Q: Break down the passion you have for creating? What fuels that creative process?

A: The passion I have for creating can be broken down in 2 ways. 1) To understand that I have an insatiable hunger to prove that anything is possible, I do that by creating. 2) The other description is expressed as an ongoing challenge to myself from myself. It’s a kind that comes as internal banter, one which calls to me constantly, challenging me to prove my brilliance, and solidify an achievement of legendary proportion. 

Q: You recently left your day job at EA Games to work on a personal project of yours. What is the project? 

A: I am indeed currently working on a project called PLASMA. It is an action adventure entertainment experience of epic Magnitude.

Plasma will serve as:

1) A writing series - One that focuses on character development and the telling of the world of plasma. It is a wild ride of action, mystery, suspense, and delves deeply into the internal thought process of its characters.

 2) A visual story telling - One that embodies beautiful vivid and visually enticing images of the best moments of the series.

 3) A video game project - One that couples seamlessly with the story telling and the images from the story. Providing the user or "experience-r" the opportunity to play interactively through the most action packed and embodying experiences of the reading. 

Plasma is a story that represents hope on a massive level. It is about the struggles in life that we all endure, the ones that make us and break us. It is about the challenges that tease and abuse our minds and spirits, and most importantly the calls and ideas we cannot ignore. Plasma is a world of struggle and accomplishment, it is being created to inspire and remind the world that anything is possible. Plasma is a call to any and everybody to respond to their internal calling for greatness and create a reality meant for them to seize. For, if I can do it, then surely they can too.

Q: What was the tipping point that led you to want to fully focus on MTD and Plasma?

A: The tipping point was simply the clarity in the vision. I saw that through MTD I could create an opportunity to sustain myself adequately by working on projects that inspire me. In this vision I also saw Plasma completed. I saw the many micro steps that needed to be accomplished in order to get to that point of completion, and they were all done, leaving only the results. That alone was beautiful to me... Enough so, that it helped me leave my job.

Q: The Bay Area is…

A: A breath of fresh air… hard work and relaxation. It is creativity and community. It is freedom. It is a reminder that you can create anything you want in life. The bay is the heart beat of many amazing things and it is the best place I have ever lived.


Q: How has your location impacted you as an individual and the goals you’ve set for yourself?

A: Living in San Francisco allows you to accomplish what you want, but also achieve those things in the most fun ways possible. To me, it’s about movement, taking action, and infusing variety into your life and the bay gives me this. It supports my goals, enhances the range of my dreams, and keeps me continuously connected with brilliant people that are on their own journeys into the unknown. I am inspired by this endless progressive energy.

Q: Do you possess any superpowers like the characters you create? 

A: Yes. My super power is the ability to dream from the deepest crevices of my imagination, it is the power to delve fearlessly into the darkest parts of my mind, getting lost in its fruitful magical splendor and then escape with the jewels of unyielding creativity, curiosity, and happiness. It is a blissful power.

Q: What life do you see for yourself in the near future; do you feel you’re on the right track to making that life your reality? 

A: I see a life comprised of gratifying work, exceptional accomplishments, investments, family, and residual income. I see Plasma exploding into the world and being simply said, a game changer to the existence of many.

I am on the right track to making it reality. I believe in my future, I am excited about my projects, and I am in love with the development and cultivation of my dreams and aspirations. It is a beautiful thing when you get present to the ongoing mobility of making your dreams absolutely real. I’m having fun along the way, and I think that’s most important.

Q: What are you most thankful for?

A: I am most thankful to God, and all of those who believe and support me through life's creation cycle.

Q: What tips would you give to others thinking about going after their ideas or passions?

A: Do it. At all costs, risk everything to challenge the fabric of your present existence. If you see high accomplishments for yourself, then work and strive at all costs to obtain them. Give the existence of human kind the opportunity to marvel at what you create, for until you create it, it will always just be a figment of your imagination that no one except for you will ever be able to experience.

Q: Anything else on your mind? 

A: In a world where action is progression and idle time is time wasted, the only exercise that provides me with an even ebb of calm is the act of creating . 

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Photography Credit:

Portrait drawing: Elaine Chong
Creation Station: Warren Jones 
Red Shirt: Jon Crisp
Treasure Island: Sierra Hartman 
Art mural: Lucy Stelzner
Jupiter & The Bridge: Sierra Hartman