We formed Toasted Life in 2013 with the simple desire of bringing people together. We noticed there was a lack of diversity and cultural cohesiveness in the Bay Area event scene, and we wanted to fix it.

We took a chance and aimed to create an opportunity for people like us to rejoice, connect, and feel welcome in a seemingly pocketed Bay Area environment.

Initially, it all started with our first day party in Oakland. We wanted to find a unique way to introduce Toasted Life to our community and we believed a day party was something everyone would enjoy.

Not knowing what to expect, we were excited that our friends and colleagues came out to support. It was an invigorating experience and the feedback that we received propelled us to keep going. 

Our first day party

We held a few more day parties and eventually tapped into the San Francisco nightlife a few months later. Shortly after our first year, we started to offer new experiences such as volunteer events and live music performances

On August 5th, 2015 a surreal moment happened when we were featured in our first major publication, The Source Magazine! This was huge for us and confirmation that we needed to keep pushing. 

Passionate about entrepreneurship, entertainment, and tech we were able to find our groove in catering to a network that really values our services. Since 2015, we've been featured in over 10 publications with the most notable being SF Chronicle and Forbes Magazine

In 2016 we set our sites on expansion and successfully launched the brand in two new markets. We branched out to Chicago, Illinois in the spring and Los Angeles, California that summer. Our aim for both new locations was no different than that of the Bay Area, we wanted to add value and provide unique opportunities for people to connect and have fun. It was very humbling to see so many people support us, despite us not being based in those markets.  

Toasted Life write up in the SF Chronicle

Toasted Life write up in the SF Chronicle

Chicago: Oktoastedfest 2016

Chicago: Oktoastedfest 2016

Los Angeles: Toasted Life BET Weekend Day Party 

Los Angeles: Toasted Life BET Weekend Day Party 

2016 was also the year that we began to focus on our event consultation services, a platform that would provide opportunities to produce exclusive events for corporate brands such as Under Armour, tech conference afterparties, and festivals like Stanford University's Blackfest.

We also found an interest in talent management, and helped secure a few artist meet & greets with popular Hip-hop artists such as Pusha-T, Dom Kennedy, and producer, Metro Boomin. 

Pusha-T Meet & Greet at PURE Oakland

Metro Boomin Meet & Greet at 2016 Stanford Blackfest 

Warriors fan at the Under Armour Curry Lux Launch Event 

Twin DJ duo Coco & Breezy light it up at the AfroTech Conference afterparty

In spring of 2017 we decided it was time for the Big Apple and officially launched Toasted Life in NYC! Looking back, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot and have grown the brand tremendously, which has been amazing. What has also been incredibly inspiring to us is witnessing others around us living their lives to the fullest.

The fact that individuals from our events and in our networks are seizing new opportunities, advancing their education, pursuing passions, starting businesses and simply growing is amazing. It’s the reason why we raise our glasses and what motivates us to push Toasted Life to new heights.

IMG_4654 copy.JPG

As we continue to climb and dial in on our mission, we have goals of further providing exposure, connectivity, and access for our growing community. Our ambition is to not only elevate and expand our events to new locations, but also to create a support system that encourages entrepreneurship, peer to peer mentorship, and collaboration; a network built to help us all grow in our careers and personal endeavors. Oh.. and to definitely turn up along the way!

This is why we toast. It’s why you should too, with us.